Calum Davies

Name: Calum Davies

Constituency: Arfon and North Wales Regional List 


Born in Bangor and raised in the villages of Tregarth and Bethesda, Calum grew up loving the surrounding area enough to make him want to strive to protect it and help the people he grew up with. His first appearance on the political stage was in 2017 when he presented himself, in a Council election, to the people in Ogwen ward.

He ran again that same year for the constituency of Arfon, and strove to improve public perception of what a politician should be like. One of the issues he highlighted was that shopping locally, rather than online, will help to reinvigorate our High Streets. Calum works in the customer service sector.

As a Member of the Senedd for Arfon, Calum would work to improve the day to day lives of those living across North Wales, where many people feel that they have been sidelined by Government, and where we are all facing the double whammy of Covid-19 and Brexit. Calum will campaign on social issues and the climate crisis by listening to people's concerns, looking at the evidence, and by speaking honestly about needs and responsibilities. The future is written by those who dare to speak up.

Facebook: CalumDafyddLD

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