photo of Chloe with a white backgroundName: Chloe Hutchinson

Location: Swansea

About: Chloe moved to Swansea for university in 2014, where she set up the Lib Dem society, and continues to live in the city after graduating with a degree in History and Politics. She has been active in the Welsh party since joining, sitting on the Welsh Policy Committee and as a candidate for Westminster and Senedd elections. Last year she was Education Officer for Swansea University Students' Union, where she focused on mental health support, widening participation, and building a more inclusive academic experience for all. She has previously been NPO and Policy Officer for IR Cymru.

Role in RhI Cymru: As Chair, Chloe is responsible for the overall direction of Rhyddfrydwyr Ifanc Cymru, coordinating the executive committee, and representing the organisation to the Federal Young Liberals and the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Twitter: @chutchinson96


Term: November 2019 - October 2020

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