Executive Elections


Elections take place this month!

Nomination Period: 2nd October - 9th October

Campaigning: 10th-16th October

Voting Period: 16th-30th October



Please read The Young Liberals executive regulations,  the election regulations, and the RI Cymru/Welsh Young Liberals Constitution before running, which can be found HERE and  HERE   

If you have any questions please email Neil (our Returning Officer) at elections@youngliberals.uk 

The posts up for election are:

Rhyddfrydwr Ifanc Cymru – Welsh Young Liberals:


Vice Chair

Communications Officer

  • R.O.N (Reopen Nominations)

Policy Officer

  • R.O.N

Campaigns Officer

  • R.O.N (Reopen Nominations)

Non-Portfolio Officer

Find out more information here

How to make sure you have a vote (if you are entitled to one):

You are entitled to vote if you are a member of the Young Liberals. That means that you are a member of the Liberal Democrats who is under 26, a student, or between the age of 26 and 30 and have paid an additional fee.

However each time we run an election some people miss out because their details are not correct on the national party database.

If you think there is any chance that this might affect you please drop me an email with your relevant details (party membership number plus date of birth or student status) and I will pass your details on to the national party.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the initial list of members has been produced and the voting emails sent out, I will not be able to add further people to the list.


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