Every October we elect a new Executive Committee, who run Welsh Young Liberals. Our Executive serve a one year term, but can stand for re-election as often as they want. It's a great opportunity to develop skills, meet new people, and have an impact on the Welsh Liberal Democrats and the activity of our Councillors, Campaigners and MSs.

Nominations for the 2021/22 Executive Committee open on Monday 27th September 2021!

There are a total of six positions up for grabs and you can find out what each role does here:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Policy Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Campaigns Officer
  • Non-Portfolio Officer

The Welsh Language Coordinator is not elected, but is co-opted by the Executive.

Getting involved in an election may sound a bit difficult, but it's not!

Any member can stand for the Exec – no matter how long you’ve been a member, or your experience – everyone has something to offer! Exec positions can also be shared between two people, creating two co-officers! 

Pick the role that interests you the most, or that would suit your skills and experiences from all parts of your personal and professional life (for example, did you run a society at university? Have you stood as a candidate before? Are you involved in policy at work?).

You can also write a short manifesto (1 side of A4 maximum in English, plus 1 side Welsh translation if you wish), but this doesn’t need to be very detailed or too fancy, all we need to know is who you are, what you want to do, and why you want to be elected.

You'll be notified via email by the Returning Officer when nominations open, and you can then nominate yourself via email reply.

For more information, read about Cllr Charlie Kingsbury's experiences with Young Liberals and Welsh Young Liberals.

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