2022 Exec Elections

Join the next Executive!

The Welsh Young Liberals executive elections begin at the end of September every year. These elections are your chance to join the team responsible for running Welsh YL. 

The Returning Officer will contact Young Liberals members by email to set out the election timetable. To check if you're eligible to be a YL member, or to opt-in to YL membership, visit our membership page


Nominations open: Saturday 24th September

Nominations close: COP Saturday 1st October 

Voting opens: Saturday 8th October*

Voting closes: Saturday 22nd October

*subject to final confirmation by party HQ.

There are a total of six positions up for grabs and you can find out what each role does here:

  • Chair - the Chair is responsible for setting the overall direction of the organisation and the primary representative of the organisation to Federal Young Liberals and the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

  • Vice Chair - in addition to deputising for the Chair in their absence, the Vice Chair is responsible for the organisation's finances and for organising the AGM

  • Communications Officer- the Communications Officer is responsible for the social media accounts of Welsh Young Liberals and jointly responsible for developing the overall membership

  • Policy Officer - the Policy Officer is responsible with the rest of the Executive for developing policy and ensuring that policies that are are beneficial to young people remain on the agenda of the party. They are the youth representative to the Welsh Liberal Democrat Policy Development Committee and responsible for the submission of motions to Welsh and Young Liberal conferences

  • Campaigns Officer - the Campaigns Officer is responsible for organising campaigns for the organisation, crucially the annual Fresher's Fayre campaign in collaboration with local branches. They are also responsible for supporting members running for local, Senedd, or UK parliamentary elections.

  • Non-Portfolio Officer - the NPO doesn't have a specific role but instead supports the executive in any task needed. They are also able to stand in for other exec members on Committees that they are unable to attend

  • Welsh Language Coordinator - this role is appointed directly by the Executive, to support with translation and Welsh language issues.

The Welsh Language Coordinator is not elected, but is co-opted by the new Executive. They will arrange co-options once they have been elected. 

Getting involved in an election may sound a bit difficult, but it's not!

Any member can stand for the Exec – no matter how long you’ve been a member, or your experience – everyone has something to offer! Exec positions can also be shared between two people, creating two co-officers! 

Pick the role that interests you the most, or that would suit your skills and experiences from all parts of your personal and professional life (for example, did you run a society at university? Have you stood as a candidate before? Are you involved in policy at work?).


So how do I put my name forward? 

To submit your nomination, please email [email protected] with the following:

• Your name

• Position/s you want to stand for

• Membership number

• A statement that you will abide by the Young Liberals election rules and act in line with the party’s Members Code of Conduct.

• You may submit a manifesto (no more than one side of A4), preferably in PDF format alongside a plain text version.

• If standing for a state/region-specific seat, ensure your membership is registered in that place. You can send me an address alongside your nomination to update your membership if need be.

You'll be notified via email by the Returning Officer when nominations open, and you can then nominate yourself via email reply.



Please email us at [email protected] as soon as possible with any queries! 

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