Elections and Committees

RhI Cymru has 4 standing committees and 1 Executive committee. The standing committees support and develop the groundwork laid out by the Executive to ensure that RhI Cymru does everything it can and should be doing.

Executive Committee - This Committee oversees and coordinates all the activity of Young Welsh Liberals, including representing youth members to the Welsh Party and Federal Party.

Policy Committee - This Committee works to develop our policy, review proposals from the Welsh Liberal Democrats, and feed into discussions of the Welsh party's Policy Committee. There are up to 5 members on this Committee and the Policy Officer chairs these meetings.

Campaigns Committee - This Committee works to plan out our campaigns based on our policies, government decisions, and our freshers fayre campaigns. There are up to 9 members on this Committee and one of the Campaigns Officer chairs these meetings.

Membership & Outreach - This Committee works with the Communications Officer Officer to coordinate members and branches across the country. From keeping branches active and growing in every part of Wales to helping organise and/or running events and activities. There are up to eight members on this Committee and the Communications Officer chairs these meetings.

NUS Committee - This Committee works with all members across Wales to support and coordinate NUS and NUS Wales representation. The Committee is also responsible for supporting our own candidates for NUS positions and deciding which candidates it would be beneficial to support to further our cause. There are up to 9 members on this Committe and the Chair heads this group.

Got any questions? Speak to the relevant Executive Officer.

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