Gareth Bennett - UKIP's Awful New Welsh Assembly Leader

Imagine a politician so awful that even Nigel Farage had to distance himself from them. That’s Gareth Bennett, UKIP’s new Welsh Assembly leader. Read on for some of his worst moments.

By Dan Schmeising, Aug 10, 2018 4:08

On migrants: “Some of the ethnicities, possibly the Eastern Europeans, just don’t have any awareness of the hygiene problem that is being caused at times” -

On trans people: “There is only so much deviation from the norm that any society can take before that society completely implodes” (he still hasn’t properly apologised for this) -

To a constituent: such delights as "get a life" and "move to Venezuela" -

On Trump: Bennett asked Trump to open his new constituency office in Pontypridd, saying that him and the then President-elect “had a few things in common”  -

On the Welsh Assembly and devolution: He’s publicly in support of abolishing the Assembly and having Wales ruled directly from London, as seen in his leadership manifesto -

On jobs advertising for bilingual recruits: “This form of job discrimination must end. Effectively, the Welsh Government is discriminating against at least 80% of its own population.”                 

Throughout all of these, there’s a common theme – it’s never his fault, it’s always the “liberal Lefties” or the “shrill lobbyist minority”, or “the ethnicities.” He can’t even take responsibility for his own views, and UKIP want to make him First Minister?

He’s a racist, a transphobe and he doesn’t care about Wales. He’s not fit to represent the people of South Wales Central. And we can’t wait to show him the door in 2021.

Why not join us and make it happen?



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