2020 Conference Bingo!

Joining us at Welsh Conference this Saturday? Why not play along with our fun-filled WYL Bingo!

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Join the Welsh YL Exec!


Following the recent executive elections, nominations for the positions of Vice Chair, Non Portfolio Officer and Welsh Language Coordinator are now open for Co-Option!

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So you want to call yourself a Welsh Speaker? Our Event at Eisteddfod 2020

You can read the original Welsh version of this article here, or an easy read Welsh version for learners here!

What role do learners and second language speakers have to play in the efforts to achieve the Welsh Government's target of having 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050? Do the people of Wales have a particular image of the accent or appearance of Welsh speakers? Is the term 'non-Welsh speaking' a simple description of a linguistic condition or an insult to people from homes where Welsh is not the home language? These are just a few of the interesting questions that were asked during the lively Young Liberals' lively discussion held as part of this year's AmGen Eisteddfod events.

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Am alw’ch hun yn siaradwr Cymraeg? So you want to call yourself a Welsh Speaker?

This is an easy-read version of a previously published post (Click here to read the original or click here to read an English translation). Vocab in bold is translated in the Geirfa section below.

Ydy dysgwyr yn gallu helpu targed Llywodraeth Cymru (the Welsh Government) o gael 1 miliwn o siaradwyr Cymraeg erbyn 2050? Ydy pobl Cymru yn meddwl bod siaradwyr Cymraeg yn edrych neu’n i gyd yn swnio’n debyg? Ydy’r term ‘di-gymraeg’ yn disgrifio pobl sydd ddim yn siarad Cymraeg neu ydy’r gair yma’n sarhad ar bobl sydd ddim yn siarad Cymraeg gyda’i rhieni.

Dyma rai o’r cwestiynau diddorol iawn a gafodd eu gofyn yn nhrafodaeth Rhyddfrydwyr Cymru Ifanc. Cafodd y digwyddiad ar-lein yma ei drefnu fel rhan o’r Eisteddfod AmGen eleni.

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Am alw’ch hun yn siaradwr Cymraeg? Ein Digwyddiad yr Eisteddfod AmGen


If you're a Welsh learner, click here for an easy read version of this article, or click here for an English translation.

Pa rôl sydd gan ddysgwyr a siaradwyr ail iaith i’w chwarae yn yr ymdrechion i wireddu targed Llywodraeth Cymru o gael 1 miliwn o siaradwyr Cymraeg erbyn 2050? Oes gan bobl Cymru ddelwedd benodol o acen neu edrychiad siaradwyr Cymraeg? Ydy’r term ‘di-gymraeg’ yn ddisgrifiad syml o gyflwr ieithyddol neu’n sarhad ar bobl o gartrefi lle nad yw’r Gymraeg yn iaith yr aelwyd? Dyma ond ychydig o’r cwestiynau hynod o ddiddorol a ofynnwyd yn ystod trafodaeth ddifyr Rhyddfrydwyr Cymru Ifanc a gynhaliwyd yn rhithiol fel rhan o ddigwyddiadau’r Eisteddfod AmGen eleni.

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The Emily Price Award for Extraordinary Service

Emily Price (second from left) and Thomas Hughes (third from left)

At Young Liberals Online Conference, former WYL Chair Thomas Hughes was awarded the Emily Price Award for Extraordinary Service, dedicated to a former Vice-Chair-elect, campaigner and Aberystwyth Town Councillor.

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#KeepWalesCreative - Save the Arts


Welsh Young Liberals and the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling on the Welsh & UK Governments to provide funding and support to the arts industries now to #KeepWalesCreative.

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A New Curriculum


Today our Welsh Liberal Democrat MS, Kirsty Williams, launched the parliamentary journey of the new Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill. Our current curriculum was designed in 1988 and is simply no longer fit for purpose. Through working with stakeholders across our education sector, including learners themselves, we are proud of Kirsty’s work in developing our national mission and presenting the first-ever made in Wales curriculum, where “no one, nowhere, is written off”.

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Your New Committee

The results of the by-elections are in! Thank you so much to everyone who stood in the by-elections, asked the candidates questions, and voted.


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Young voices matter in politics

This crisis is having a devastating impact on young people. We are facing a loss of learning through school closures, with the least well off being most affected with education depending on digital access, undermining work done to bridge the gap in education inequality. Graduate job offers have been lost, and young people are leaving education at all levels into one of the worst recessions in decades, further entrenching intergenerational inequality. And this will not be the last crisis we face during our lifetimes. However, the interests of young people are so often overlooked when it comes to elections.

Earlier this week Liberal Democrat MP, Wendy Chamberlain, secured the first debate in the House of Commons on electoral reform since 2016. Westminster’s broken political system is shutting out people who “need their voices heard now more than ever” during the coronavirus pandemic, and we will continue to work to change that. We believe that some of the voices that most urgently need to be heard are those of young people.

At the start of this month, the Senedd and Elections Bill came into effect, meaning that (amongst other things) 16 and 17 year olds can now vote in Senedd elections. We still have a long way to go to extend the franchise for local and Westminster elections, but this is a fantastic step towards a more equal politics and ensuring more voices are heard.

To celebrate this step forward for Senedd elections, we asked our members why votes at 16 matters to them.

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