Gender Neutral School Uniforms


At the 2018 Welsh Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, following in the footsteps of our Scottish friends, we proposed and passed policy calling on Welsh Government to overhaul its guidance on school uniforms to make then more inclusive for trans and non-binary young people.

One of the drivers behind school uniform policies is often the will to prevent bullying by giving everyone the same options or canvass to draw from. We can expect that to help individual pupil morale, attainment, and overall wellbeing; and we have to admit that however much we may all have disliked our school uniforms!

But for a young person who may not conform to the gender binary that society forces on us, or those may not want to express themselves in a way that conforms to expectations, prescriptive school uniform policies have the potential to have an enormous impact well-being and confidence.

It was fantastic to see Kirsty Williams AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Education Minister, introduce new statutory guidance on school uniforms, stressing the importance of gender-neutral school uniforms, supporting our trans and non-binary pupils as well as offering a more practical option for girls, as well as taking the opportunity to make school uniforms more affordable for families.

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